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Creating opportunities
for others while leading positive 
through the power of education & technology. 

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This is me

Hi, my name is Jamal "Jay" Arrington and welcome to my page. This page is a snapshot into my career and most importantly an opportunity for you to get to know me. I am a Midwest transplant to the South and I have thoroughly enjoyed the change in weather. I am a proud father, and a lover of all things art; from photography to music, from Basquiat to the Nutcracker I love it all. I also enjoy animals, supporting and investing in businesses that stand for a cause, and technology. I have an educational background within counseling and I have implemented this desire and passion to truly help others by being a servant leader in the world of education and recruitment. I have since added several certifications and continuing education programs in subject areas like data analytics, leadership, and professional coaching.

Content Strategy  Leadership 
Enrollment Management 

 Branding   Social Media

Talent Acquisition    Recruiting 

Diversity Initiatives


I consult, recruit, & advise

students and working professionals in higher education.

When I was in school I had a phenomenal Admissions Advisor who truly changed my life. As a first generation college student I didn't know the first thing about applying to schools, securing funding or getting into the program of my desire etc. It was because of the staff and faculty at my undergraduate university that I devoted my life to pay it forward and become the same type of resource and beacon of hope like my advisors were for me. 


I believe in doing my job with integrity and compassion first and the enrollments will follow. It is paramount to always put the student first.  I have had great success utilizing this model and have helped thousands of students' lives and their families.

I have not only excelled in the 'education business' but I also have a deep and thorough understanding of the needs and the 'business of education' .  I have been able to bring in millions of dollars in revenue, expand brands, cultivate cultures of success, launch programs, modify structures and establish countless creative initiatives in order to help the university flourish without ever losing sight of maintaining integrity and being student centered.  

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